Kid’s Cow Costume

Cow-Abunga Dude! Cows are chill. They’re like the king of chill. Like, almost surfer level chill! Just think about it for a second. They spend most of their time strolling through fields with their other cow buds, munching on their favorite snack. They take life as it comes and we think that’s pretty cool. In fact, if we were having a party tomorrow, we’d definitely invite a laid back bovine buddy to our shindig.Is your child one chill customer? Well, then maybe they can take on the role of a cow with ease! All they need is a mellow mood and a cool new Cow Costume to transform into the most beloved barnyard animal of them all.

Design & Details
Our costume designers worked hard on crafting an outfit that captures the cool cow vibe. They studied those bovine fellows and got inspiration from their wonderful spotted patterning! Then, they got to work on this child’s Cow Costume! It’s an exclusive design that comes with a soft jumpsuit that has the black and white cow pattern on the exterior. It fits quite easily with a zipper along the front. It has a faux fur tail attached to the back and a soft udder in the front. Finally, the hood helps give your little one the true vibe of a cow, since it has a pair of plush ears on the sides! It fits with a fastener under the chin. Combine that all with your child’s cool attitude and your little one will be ready to hit the fields! Barnyard BuddyIf you have one cool kid looking to be a barnyard buddy, then this exclusive cow costume is perfect for your child! Check out all of our farm costumes to make barnyard themed group costume and the whole family can join in on the farming fun.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Black & Pink & White

Material: Polyester


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Kid’s Cow Costume

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