Kid’s Country Cow Exclusive Halloween Costume

A Lil’ Bit CountryYour little one is a city kid, through and through. They ride the subway to school. They join you at the ballet and museums. They know where all the best brunches and shopping can be found. Highly sophisticated, artistic, and street savvy, your little urban maven is comfortable uptown, downtown, and everywhere in between.But lately, they’ve also been dreaming of the country. You’ve seen them painting pastorals of green hills and wildflower gardens. You’ve noticed them staring wistfully at the farmer’s market. And they can’t stop talking about how cute cows are (we can’t argue with them, there). Is it possible your city mouse is becoming a country mouse? Have them slip on this Kid’s Country Cow Halloween Costume and find out! We bet they will be moo-ing with joy the moment they put it on.

Design & Details
Our in-house costume team designed a darling cow look that’s both fun and functional to wear. The long-sleeved white jumpsuit features a classic dairy cow print, as well as a tail and a printed cowbell at the collar. But the coolest part is the harness pack that looks like cow udders. It unzips to reveal a handy pouch to carry valuables (or Halloween candy! ). The Grass is GreenerAs it turns out, the grass really is greener on the other side…of the city limits, that is. Looks like it’s time to finally get that summer house out of town you’ve been talking about. You’ve got a little cow on your hands that needs fresh pasture!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black & Pink & White

Material: Polyester


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Kid’s Country Cow Exclusive Halloween Costume

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