Kids Chef’s Costume

“Let’s Start With The Basics”That’s what you suggested when your kid wanted to start cooking. You thought they could learn to make pancakes or mix their own mac and cheese. But their plans were much fancier. Your child wanted to jump right into deep Italian cooking. They wanted to roll their own pasta. Create concoctions that they called sauce out of crushed tomatoes and half of the spices on the lazy Susan next to your stove. Sure, there have been some mistakes. But mistakes are a great way to learn! And now that your child knows how to tell the difference between cayenne pepper and cinnamon, they will never forget. They might not be ready to roll their own ravioli, but they know how to boil water and peel a carrot and you and your kiddo think that’s a pretty great start. Are you ready to take on the rest of your kid’s culinary adventure? Encourage them to keep it up with this festive Made By Us Chef costume!

Design & Details
This classic chef costume was updated with playful details by our in-house design team. For instance, the apron has important cooking tools stitched to look like they’re tucked into the front apron while “chef” is stitched onto the chest of the jacket. Classic red and white checked pants match the trim around the collar and cuffs of the jacket while the necktie adds an extra splash of color. Topped off with a tall chef hat, your child will feel like a culinary master, even if they’re just making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Taste MakerWhether you’re starting an at-home cooking show or simply going trick-or-treating, this chef’s costume is a true delight. Who knows what will come of this kind of ensemble! Perhaps your little chef will be inspired to experiment with their Halloween candy. Nerds with Skittles? That’s never been done before! Bon appetite, indeed!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Kids Chef’s Costume

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