Kids Camo Trooper Costume W/ Accessories | Exclusive

BEHIND ENEMY LINESThe season is a dangerous one.  There are dangerous beasts that break through the veil between our world and the next, invading the land and threatening to return back to their own land after stealing all of our most precious of resources.  Sure, there are other military folks who rise up to help protect us from the goblins and ghosts that have breached through the portal, but the monsters will claim them with claw and moan before long.The only way that we can assure victory against the creatures of the night and return back to base with enough of your own candy resources is to take a slightly more stealthy route.  Your soldier will need to blend into the environment and perhaps even be able to walk among them for a time.  They must be prepared, geared up, and all of it needs to be of a solid enough quality that it isn’t going to fall apart in the middle of the mission!   Fortunately, we’ve got their back!  

Design & Details
You can be certain that your kiddo will succeed in gathering up all the choice candy and avoiding harm from demon, devil, and Disney princess thanks to our hard-working designers who have created this exclusive Kid’s Camo Trooper Costume.  The shirt and pants feature a camouflage look to bolster their wilderness stealth while the vest features fiberfill padding to bulk up those chest and shoulder muscles.  (Plus, the cargo pockets for extra candy storage is always a bonus! )  The molded helmet gives a dose of security while the skeleton-print mask and gloves channel a bit of terror and even additional camouflage while they’re walking with the undead!   If all else fails, the toy grenade and knife can defend your tyke and they can cheer their victory with the walkie-talkie upon securing those tasty treats!  SUCCESSFUL MISSIONS ANY TIMEIt is one thing to know that you’ve got the perfect gear for a successful candy reconnaissance one night a year.  But, when your kids have this amazing Camo Trooper Costume, they’ll be able to achieve victory whenever they want to sneak into enemy territory to recover the treats.  Of course, if they are your treats, you might want to get an adult size for yourself so your prizes aren’t pilfered!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Green

Material: Polyester


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Kids Camo Trooper Costume W/ Accessories | Exclusive

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