Kids Astronaut Backpack

Remember the days where you dreamed you’d reach the stars, or the moon, or both? Staring up at the stars and trying to contemplate the immensity of it all is one of the most amazing memories of childhood. So it’s no wonder that kid’s daydream about floating around up there. Ever since space travel has been an option, space has been an adventure you were dying to have every time you peered at the night sky. Now your child can carry on this dreamy tradition. This lightweight backpack is will give your space cadet the gift of dreaming. It has a large main pocket, two covered side pockets and one zippered shut front pocket. The flaps shut with a hook and eye touch strip. It has NASA patches throughout. Pair it with an astronaut costume or let them wear it around with normal clothes to keep the dream alive! With this Kids Astronaut Backpack, he’ll feel like he can reach the moon and beyond!

Brand: Aeromax

Gender: Male

Size: One-Size

Color: White

Material: Polyester


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Kids Astronaut Backpack