Kid’s Apex Legends Revenant Classic Muscle Costume

The Bot Built for Battle RoyaleDo your kids play Apex Legends? Do they constantly talk about where they’re dropping, what weapons they picked up or how awesome their last moments of the game were? The battle royale is certainly thrilling, and the excitement doesn’t have to melt away at the end screen. Give the excitement in real life as your kids suit up as the powerful and merciless Revenant. This Legend is known for his intimidation throughout the battlefield. He can disable enemy powers and even prevent himself and allies from defeat with his own unique ability. We’re sure your child will be thrilled to tell you more.Product DescriptionThe Apex Legends Kid’s Revenant Classic Muscle Costume comes with all you need to make it look like your child has just landed in King’s Canyon and is ready to take on any Legends that find themselves in the way. The bodysuit is accurate to the game character, showing off the armor and spikes that make this Legend so scary to come across! Looking through the mask will bring on the sense of seeing the world in a whole new way, through the eyes of the robot.  On a Mission to Search and DestroyNo matter what map Revenant is being deployed at, his fans will know that they are in for a show of strength and skill. Let your kids take on his persona and watch as they go off to become the champion of their own games!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys

Size: 14/16

Color: Red & Gray

Material: Polyester

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Kid’s Apex Legends Revenant Classic Muscle Costume

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