Juvy Comfy Throw Batman Blanket

The Trusty Bat BlanketEven superheroes need a little bit of rest and relaxation. Next time you look at your couch, dont be surprised to see Gothams very own caped crusader kicking his feet up and taking a load off. Once you get your kiddo this Batman Juvy Comfy Throw Blanket, DCs Dark Knight will be a regular guest in your home. Dont feel like you have to wait on your miniature Batman hand and foot, as Alfred does for Bruce Wayne. However, keep this in mind. If the Joker happens to make an appearance at your home, your batty little hero might be more inclined to save the day if you offered him snacks from time to time.

Product Details
This comfy throw blanket has a classic comic book image of Batman in his grey and blue super suit printed on it. From the neck on down your kiddo will look exactly like everyones favorite vigilante. Sleeves are attached to the blanket to ensure your child will be comfortable and warm at all times. Whether he needs to reach for the remote or toss a Batarang at a random thug, your little hero will never have to worry about getting chills from a cold night.

Brand: Northwest Company

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Blue & Gray & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Juvy Comfy Throw Batman Blanket

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