Jurassic World Classic Blue Costume for Kids

Clever KidRaptors learn fast. There aren’t many who can teach them. Those teeth are sharp and they know it from a young age. But if a trainer isn’t brave enough to teach raptors like Blue how to get along with mankind then they’ll learn how to prey on mankind instead. Come on. We, humans, are slow and delicious. Something as simple as a doorknob isn’t going to stop these dinosaurs. Luckily, Blue has developed a soft spot for humans after Owen Grady gently brought her up since she hatched. A born leader, this young dinosaur is ready to lead her pack on some adventures now that she’s out from under the wing of her trainer. Who knows what she and the pack are going to do next?Costume DetailsThis Blue velociraptor costume will make your kid feel like they’re straight out of the movie Jurassic World! The suit secures up the back with strips of hook and loop fastener. A realistic, metallic blue pattern covers the whole jumpsuit as well as the headpiece and long tail in the back. Perfect for playing pretend and trick-or-treating, this Jurassic World costume is sure to be your kid’s favorite!Action Packed LeaderIf it hadn’t been for that darned volcanic eruption Blue would spend her days running through the jungles of Jurassic Park and hunting down much bigger dinosaurs. Now she might have to help her humans out of a bind. But that’s all right. She’s got this in a bag. Most would agree that she’s a clever girl! Want to help your little dinosaur make the most of their costume? This look can be paired with all sorts of other dinosaur costumes. From fellow raptors to inflatable plant-eaters like the Brontosaurus, there’s no reason that your kiddo can’t head out with a pack!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys

Size: 3T/4T

Color: Green & Gray

Material: Polyester

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Jurassic World Classic Blue Costume for Kids

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