Jack Links Sasquatch Costume for Kid’s

The Links, the love, the LegendWhen Jack Links first found Sasquatch, it was a real shock. People had been trying to find proof of this hairy beast for decades. Turns out, instead of stalking the woods with a shaky, pixilated camera, people should have set up a tripod and broke into a fresh package of jerky. Yes, Sasquatch might not love hanging out in the company of humans. We get it. We’re a loud bunch of folks. But the love of spicy, chewy meat was enough to overcome Sasquatch’s social anxiety. Haven’t we all been lured out of hiding by the right snacks before? Now your child can take on the legend of Sasquatch and the love of links with this exclusive, officially licensed costume!

Design & Details
This Made by Us Sasquatch costume was designed to pay tribute to the Jack Links Sasquatch. Sure to be a favorite with your kiddo, the bodysuit is easy to change into. The shaggy suit ties at the back of the neck. It has 12-inch molded furry feet and molded hands that pull over your kid’s wrists. A full-head mask has shaggy, long hair and a detailed face. While this mask has eye holes, parents and children should be aware that vision will be limited once the mask is on. An awesome costume for trick-or-treating and parties, this licensed costume can be passed on and enjoyed for years to come! Salty and SolitarySasquatch is great at getting out there. Like, way out there! Actually, it might be nice to live like Sasquatch for a while. Hiking around in the woods and through the mountains away from the confines of civilization sounds pretty sweet to us! If your kiddo loves taking in the wonders of nature while snacking on spicy meat sticks, this Jack Links Sasquatch costume might be a great character to take on!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Jack Links Sasquatch Costume for Kid’s

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