Inflatable Yoshi Kart Kids Costume

Go, Yoshi, Go!Yoshi isn’t just another cute animatronic dinosaur — he’s also a breakdancing Nintendo superstar with a fantastic talent for grasping and throwing things with his tongue. Those are skillz! He can even swallow something to produce a spotted egg, which is straight-up magical. He’s also a great race car driver, and a noted user of the “Ground Pound”, which is just like it sounds – dropping bottom-first after a jump in order to destroy blocks or damage opponents (it’s pretty killer to behold). And when it comes to smooth moves, this guy has got it down with his Flutter Jump!So if you’re ready for a top secret mission to the Mushroom Kingdom, you really couldn’t pick a better disguise than this Kids Inflatable Yoshi Kart Costume. After all, what better spy tactic is there than speeding past watchful eyes? Go, Yoshi, go!Design & DetailsThis Kids Inflatable Yoshi Kart Costume will be your kid’s ticket to the grand prix! Or to the Halloween costume party, at least. The Yoshi-decaled kart inflates using a fan on the lower back end. It does require four AA batteries, so you’ll need those, as well as a Phillips-head screwdriver to open the battery compartment. Pair it with a Yoshi mask or costume to complete the look. Best of all, it’s officially licensed, so you can worry more about hitting those corners at optimal speed and catching every power-up you see, and worry less about this costume’s looks or features.

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Blue & Green & White

Material: Polyester

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Inflatable Yoshi Kart Kids Costume

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