Inflatable White Ride on Dragon Costume for Children

A Noble KnightHave you ever dreamed of being a knight in shining armor, dashing off to rescue a fair damsel or save a kingdom? Maybe you want to go on a quest or slay a giant. Maybe youre hoping to find a sword embedded in a stone and triumphantly pull it out. There are all sorts of feats of derring-do that knights can do! But, if youre anything like us, you probably worried that you cant really be a knight. Its not because you werent born of noble blood, or because you dont have training, or even because you were born roughly one thousand years after knights ran around. No, were sure that what has been stopping you, and us, and any other potential sirs and ladies, is the sorry lack of dragons in the area.After all, if a knight cant ride into battle on top of a dragon thats breathing fire, how can he really call himself a knight?

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But have no fear, oh fearless future knight! We have just the thing for you: the Child Inflatable White Ride on Dragon Costume. This pull-on costume is 100 percent polyester with an elastic waistband and elastic cuffs at the ankles, for easy and comfortable wear. (No knight wants to be uncomfortable on his mighty steed! ) Theres a fan mounted in the back, with an inner pocket to hold the battery pack. (The fan requires four AA batteries, which are not included.) The jumpsuit has the look of proper battle-ready chainmail armor for your latest quest, but the real star is the brilliant white dragon with fearsome horns and teeth.Ready to Adventure! Giants and monsters alike will run screaming from you when they see you dive out of the sky, brandishing your sword victoriously. Youll join the ranks of Sir Lancelot and Richard the Lionheart and surely be the noblest knight in your neighborhood with this costume. Huzzah!

Brand: Morphsuits

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Yellow & Gray & White

Material: Polyester


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Inflatable White Ride on Dragon Costume for Children

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