Inflatable Stitch Kids Costume

Feelin’ WildWe don’t want to say that your child is an out-of-control, monster-like alien with a true destructive streak (we would never!), but…there are some similarities between your little one and Stitch. Mainly, they are both completely lovable, inside and out. But also, there’s the tendency to build things only to knock them down and destroy them, there’s their quick thinking and (at times, seemingly) intergalactic strength (how did your little one manage to flip over the entire coffee table? It’s solid wood!), and a strong aversion to bathtime. Hey, kids will be kids. Embrace your wild child! They’re one of a kind.Still, you have to admit this Kid’s Inflatable Stitch Costume is pretty darn fitting, not to mention cute. Your child’s favorite character will be brought to larger-than-life right before their eyes when they step into this unique costume this Halloween!
Product Details
Just like Stitch, this look is next-level and out of this world! It’s a fully inflatable version of the little blue “dog,” and it will cover your child from head to toe. An internal battery pack and fan keep your little Stitch going from door to door, all Halloween night. A clear panel between Stitch’s eyes on the face allows your kiddo to keep their footing and find all the best treats!Just a PhaseDon’t worry, all that mayhem is just part of having young kids. The good news is, they grow out of it! Even Stitch gets deprogrammed from his feral ways, and your child gets sweeter and calmer with each passing day phew! Happy Halloween!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Blue & Purple

Material: Polyester

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Inflatable Stitch Kids Costume

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