Inflatable Kids Cat Costume

Catlike QualitiesThat kiddo of yours! They are so smart. So sly. So agile. Sometimes, they can be a little fickle, sure. But they also love to spend time outdoors, chasing butterflies, birds, and bees. They also love to be cozy indoors, curled up on the couch, napping.Are we describing a child here, or a housecat? If your little one’s character bears a remarkable resemblance to that of a cat, then you may as well make it official with this Kid’s Inflatable Cat Costume. Of course, your child doesn’t have to have feline qualities to be a true cat-lover, and we think this clever costume will make any Halloween more fun. But, if your little one has a penchant for back scratches, basking in a sunny window, and playing with laser pointers, well then this is the look for them, without question!

Product Details
Though a cat costume may not be anything new for Halloween, an inflatable cat look is definitely going to bring your child a lot of attention! Watch them strut and prance through the holiday parade or pounce from neighbor to neighbor, trick or treating. This look inflates thanks to an internal battery pack and fan, and it instantly puffs your child up into a cute grey housecat in no time.  A cutout beneath the cat’s face makes it possible for your kid to enjoy Halloween to the fullest, from seeing their friends’ costumes to consuming candy! Meow or NeverYou’ll be amazed at how natural stepping into this new persona feels for your child. It’s a perfect Halloween moment. Quick, snap a picture before they grow up!   

Brand: Joyin

Gender: Unisex

Size: M

Color: Black & Gray & White

Material: Nylon


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Inflatable Kids Cat Costume

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