Inflatable Alien Pick Me Up Child Costume

Aliens are not the EnemyAliens are always evil. Thats what Hollywood movies have taught us. Theyre little green beings who are bent on the total domination of Earth. They usually cause mass destruction and blow up a few historical monuments in the process. How come there are never any friendly aliens anymore? You know, the ones that hang out in your closet and eat a bunch of candy. Theyre the kind of aliens who will give you a piggy back ride through the neighborhood! Thats the kind of aliens that we like and were bringing them back.Yes, you read that right, were bringing friendly aliens back with this Inflatable Alien Pick Me Up costume for kids. When people see your child hanging out with a friendly visitor from beyond the stars, theyll instantly be reminded of the great old movies where aliens were your bud.

Product Details
This child alien costume comes with an inflatable pair of pants shaped like an alien. The pants inflate using the included fan and motor. The front has Area 51 printed on the front and even has features like a printed zipper. It also has a green head in front with little antennae and large black eyes. The front has a pair of faux legs dangling down in front, creating the illusion that your child is getting a piggyback ride from an alien. The feet even have fake alien foot covers, so your child can wear whatever pair of shoes that they like with this costume! Best Friends ForeverOnce your child has this costume, they can head on tons of adventures with their new alien pal. It will also remind all of the adults of a simpler time, when aliens werent always trying to take over planet earth. You might even want to get in on the alien fun! Just check out some of our alien and astronaut costumes to get a look to match your child.

Brand: Morphsuits

Gender: Unisex

Size: One-Size

Color: Black & Green & Blue

Material: Polyester


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Inflatable Alien Pick Me Up Child Costume

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