Infant / Toddler Mini Meow Cat Costume

Pretty Kitty In a lot of ways, your little one acts like a typical cat. She loves taking naps more than almost anything else (except in the middle of the night, when she prefers to make a lot of noise). Her drink of choice is always milk. If she eats too much, she might cough up on you (although that’s not as gross as a hairball). Sometimes her nails get a little too long and scratch you. Most importantly, she’s really cute – and she knows it.

Product Details
When you cross an adorable cat with your sweet little one, you get this Infant/Toddler Mini Meow Cat Costume! The jumpsuit is made of soft black polyester and features metal snaps at the inseam for easy diaper access. An orange inset spotted with black dots sewn to the tummy and the attached footies are printed with orange cat paw pads. The matching headpiece is embroidered with cat features. Its fabric ears are lined with polka-dot fabric and separated by an attached purple bow. Cat’s Meow Whoever first said that black cats were unlucky clearly haven’t meat your little cutie. Anyone would feel lucky after getting to enjoy the smiles and silliness of a kitty like this one. Besides, the fact that witches tend to prefer black cats as familiars really isn’t as sinister as it sounds. If you got the chance to hang out with a cat this sweet, wouldn’t you jump at it? No one will be afraid of this kitty on Halloween, but they’ll definitely want to snuggle it!  

Brand: In Character

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Black

Material: Polyester


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Infant / Toddler Mini Meow Cat Costume

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