Infant & Toddler Giraffe Costume

Wild ChildYou’ve finally saved up enough money to go on a real African safari. It has been your dream for years, and you’ve put every spare nickel you could into your “Safari” dream jar. Now, you can hardly believe it as you sit in the safari jeep, bouncing along the Savannah. You crane your neck this way and that, straining to see something as grand as a lion or an elephant.Of course, what you really want to see is a giraffe. Giraffes are your favorite animals, and you desperately hope you can see a real one in its natural habitat. So when your guide slows the jeep and announces, “There’s a giraffe to our left! ” your heart pounds furiously in your chest. You shoot to your feet, trying to get a glimpse beyond the rest of the tourists’ heads of the tall, majestic creature…What you see, though, is a little underwhelming.It’s a giraffe, all right. You can tell from its yellow fur covered in brown spots. It has a giraffe’s horns and a giraffe’s hooves and a giraffe’s tail. But it is so… short. As it toddles along, you estimate it’s only two feet tall at its longest. You had thought giraffes were tall enough to reach the tops of trees, but this little thing, crawling around and sucking on its pacifer, could hardly reach the top of its crib.

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Bring the zoo to you with this this Infant/Toddler Giraffe Costume. The adorable costume looks just like a giraffe, from the top of its horns to its tiny little hooves. The hood includes a giraffe face, ears and horns, while there’s an adorable giraffe tail attached at the back. There are two openings for your toddler’s hands in the sleeves, while the feet are covered in two hooves.A Disappointing SafariYou sit back down on the jeep seat, tucking your camera back into its case. That giraffe wasn’t even worth a picture. You can only hope that the elephant will be more impressive…

Brand: Rubies Costume Co. Inc

Gender: Unisex

Size: IN

Color: Brown & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Infant & Toddler Giraffe Costume

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