Infant Plush Fox Costume

What Was That?The mystery of what does the fox say? is null and void for the most part. Hop on the internet, and youll find a plethora of information on their different sounds. But that doesnt stop your mind from rushing to that question whenever your little one opens their mouth”the mind is a bizarre place, but we follow.The variety of noises that escape your child as they search for the sounds to express themselves is wild. Its also not all that far off from fox pup sounds. Screeches, hiccups, garbled shouts, and even the occasional bark-like mama or dada would fit just fine in a fox noises soundtrack. And for all you know, what theyre saying means precisely the same as what a fox says. After all, hunger, sleepiness, and a craving for cuddles are normal baby and fox pup needs. So, while theyre developing recognizable words, and youre continuing to ask, what was that? embrace the goofy soundtrack and your babys unreasonable cuteness with this Infant Plush Fox Costume!

Design & Details
This exclusive look transforms your little one into their animal counterpart, starting with a hooded jumpsuit. Made from plush faux fur fabric, the red-brown and ivory-colored costume has a cuddly feel that carries through to the knit fabric lining. Getting your baby into the costume is made quick thanks to snap tape that lines the in-seam as well as a side-front closure that secures with hook and look fastener strips. The ears, muzzle, and tails are all sculpted from the same low-pile Minky and given shape where necessary with fiberfill. Bright green eyes are embroidered on the hood to give this fox costume a lively look. Meanwhile, an included set of mittens and shoe covers made to look like fox paws help keep your little ones hands cozy and shoes looking like part of the ensemble when slipped into place! Yip, Yip, Hooray! They may still be working out how to say it, but you can be sure your kiddo is shouting hooray dressed in this cozy Made By Us Plush Fox Costume for Babies! Made as one piece plus mittens and shoe covers, its easy to understand how this exclusive ensemble is perfect for playtime or trick-or-treating!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Infant Plush Fox Costume

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