Infant Pink Astronaut Costume (6-12Mo)

Aiming for the StarsThey say the sky is the limit, but we think it’s time to think bigger! After all, your baby has limitless potential stretched out before them, so why draw the line at the sky. Maybe your child will be the first baby on the moon! Or maybe, your baby could claim the title of the first person to make it to Mars and back. It’s going to take a ton of encouragement, but we think that your little one can do it and we have the perfect outfit to get your baby started on the journey to outer space! This Infant Pink Astronaut Costume is exactly what your little one needs!

Product Details
This cosmic costume comes with a soft jumpsuit that fits with snaps in the front. It also features snaps on the inseams of the legs to help you achieve easier diaper changes. The bright pink color scheme might not be NASA approved color, but it’s plenty bright and eye-catching, so that should make it easy to spot your child, even if they’re on a mission to outer space. The front of the suit features space-themed patches, including a NASA patch and a “Commander” patch. That means everyone will have to respect your baby’s high-ranking position. The suit has elastic in the waist and in the cuffs to give the costume a snug, but cozy, feel. It all combines for a look that’s both completely comfortable and totally cosmic! Baby On BoardHelp your baby take those first few steps toward greatness with this Infant Pink Astronaut Costume. With plenty of authentic details and a bright pink color, it’s a cute way for your baby to cosplay as an astronaut. You might just have to pretend that the family car is a space ship until your child is a little older though!

Brand: Aeromax

Gender: Female

Size: 6/12mo

Color: Black & Pink

Material: Polyester


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Infant Pink Astronaut Costume (6-12Mo)

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