Infant Mr. Peanut Costume

Salty but AdorableWhen Mr. Peanut was reborn with the salty tears from a mourning Kool-Aid Man, we were all relieved. What would the world be like without that unforgettable dapper nut? It would be a dull place, that’s for sure! Now, you can celebrate the littler and better dashing legume with this infant Mr. Peanut costume, perfect for your human baby. If you’re wondering whether your kid can pull off the reemerging role of the lifetime, you might be surprised! Those emotional phases your child goes through? Well, that’s right in line with the peanut attitude. And you know how no one can resist another handful of perfectly roasted nuts? Well, it’s the same way with cuddling your kiddo. So go ahead, let your baby take on the salty role of party nut spokesperson for your next costumed event!

Product Details
It couldn’t be easier for your infant to slip into character this Halloween. The tunic not only has giant adorable eyes but it’s sensible as well. The fabric has comfortable elastic holes for the arms and legs as well as hook and loop strips along the inseam to make diaper access quick and easy. The hood has a generous face hole and an attached top hat. Complete with shoe covers and felt mittens, this costume is ready to please as soon as it arrives at your door! All in the FamilyThis peanut spokesperson is sure to be in the spotlight when you’re out and about at your next costumed event! Want to make this a family ensemble? Pair this with other spokespeople that were at the little peanut’s rebirth such as Mr. Clean and the Kool-Aid Man. Just don’t be surprised when people start trying to talk to your little nut in dolphin. After all, Baby Nut did give us the impression that he was born multi-lingual!  

Brand: Morris Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: 18/24mo

Color: Black & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Infant Mr. Peanut Costume

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