Infant Heinz Ketchup Packet Bunting Costume

The Cutest CondimentIf you’ve ever had a little one, you may already know that sometimes the only way to get them to eat anything is to smother it in a condiment. Of course, your infant may not know about that yet, but it doesn’t make them any less cute to dress up as a packet of ketchup! Whether you’ve got deep Pittsburgh roots, or you just really, really love Heinz ketchup, you’ll want to squeeze your baby more than ever when you see them dressed in this Infant Heinz Ketchup Packet Bunting Costume! It looks exactly like a handy lil’ ketchup packet, but…you know…cuter, because your babe’s face is poking up from the top. The details are spot on and the look is totally original. Think about it, how many tiny packets of ketchup do you see being carried around on Halloween? Probably none. Ghosts, sure. Pumpkins? A whole little patch of them. And tiny witches and cuddly lions galore. But your child is special”and now, the whole neighborhood knows it!

Product Details
This sweet package comes as an easy-to-wear one-piece pullover tunic with all the Heinz details printed on the front. Your tot’s toes will be tucked cozily inside, so they stay warm on a chillier October night. You can layer their own clothes underneath for comfort, too. Because the only thing more important than a cute-as-can-be Halloween costume is a look that’s easy to get on”and stay on”your little baby.Main SqueezePretty soon, your little bundle will be big enough to fill a whole squeeze bottle of ketchup. It’s a weird analogy, we know, but it works in this context. Happy First Halloween!  

Brand: Morris Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 9mo

Color: Green & Red & White

Material: Polyester


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Infant Heinz Ketchup Packet Bunting Costume

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