Infant Frozen Olaf Premium Costume

Snuggly SnowmanFrom the first time he stepped on screen and told us that he likes warm hugs, we knew we were going to like Olaf. After all, what’s more adorable than a hilarious, walking, singing snowman? It’s pretty much what we imagined every time we built a snowman outside when we were little. The fact that he’s child-sized makes him even cuter, and probably makes him more appealing to kids. Even if he still sang funny songs, it’s hard to imagine liking Olaf as much if he were seven feet tall. That might even start crossing into “abominable” territory! Above all, we love Olaf because he shows us that he is a true friend.
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We know that your baby is already the cutest thing ever, but when they wear this Infant Olaf Premium Costume, they’ll be even more adorable! They’ll also be nice and cozy in the fleece jumpsuit, headpiece, and shoe covers. Part of Olaf’s charm is his seeming inability to get hurt, since he can move his body parts individually and rearrange them at will. You can imitate that with the orange carrot nose and the coal pieces on this costume! They all attach with interchangeable snaps, so if you think Olaf looks funnier when he’s a little out of order, you’ll be able to get all the laughs when you put the nose piece on your baby’s belly! And if everyone in your family is a fan of Frozen, check out our Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff costumes to complete a cute group costume.Warm HugsYou’ll certainly want plenty of warm hugs from your baby when they’re wearing this Infant Olaf Premium Costume! However, unlike the real Olaf, you don’t have to worry about your baby melting when you’re snuggling. We just know your child will look adorable in this costume!

Brand: A Leading Role

Gender: Boys

Size: 12mo

Color: Black & Orange & White

Material: Polyester

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Infant Frozen Olaf Premium Costume

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