Infant Football Costume

Fantasy Football SundaysEvery football season, youve got your Sunday routine. The television is on from the earliest pregame show to the end of the night and you have the major channels programed into the remote for easy back-and-forth flipping”you refuse miss a moment of action. A variety of meals and snacks and refreshing beverages are stocked and waiting for you and any family or friend that might join you. And the rules are simple: this is your day”not to be interrupted; guests can take what they need but all requests for chores are to be tabled until the following morning.Or, that was how it went until your family grew by one very cute, very small, Sunday routine disrupter. The good news is, you can change diapers while watching the game and you dont have to share any of the food and drink with your infant”they have their own unique supply. And, if any of the games are going poorly for whichever team youre cheering, you can distract yourself with the cuddles, coos, and otherwise unbearably adorable antics that your new teammate shows off.

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Sweeten your next game day Sunday together with this Infants Football Costume! The two-piece costume turns your baby into the star of the show with a velour tunic and cap designed to look like a football. Layer onesies or full outfits under the sleeveless tunic for extra warmth. Whether youre snuggling for a mid-day nap or in need of one of those bad-play-distractors, the fiber-filled belly of the costume makes for a perfect cute and cozy cuddle.Sure to WinDraft your fantasy league group costume complete with the football your team cant fumble when you dress your baby in this Football Costume for Infants. Because, whether youre finishing a well-coordinated group costume for the family or enjoying another game with your tiny tyke on the couch, this plush costume is a guaranteed touchdown!

Brand: Princess Paradise

Gender: Unisex

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Brown

Material: Polyblend


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Infant Football Costume

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