Infant Bear Costume

A Real Live Teddy BearNo one is immune to the cuteness of a teddy bear. Their cute little eyes and ears, the little bows and bells that they sometimes wear…and they are just so soft and cuddly! You know what else is irresistable? A sweet little baby. That’s right folks, we are going to combine two of the cutest things in the universe! Can you handle it? Well, you’re never going to let go of your little one when they become extra cute in this Infant Bear Costume!

Product Details
This little bear costume has plenty of bear details for your babe! The material, both the dark fur and the shorter, lighter underbelly fur, are super soft and very cozy. The paws on the feet are light with dark paw prints, while the paws on the hands have light paw prints. On top of the hood is the bear’s face, which uses some stuffing to make the snout more prominent. With a big black nose and little brown eyes, this face is made extra cute by the tiny ears on each side!  Sweet As HoneyYour little child will be the cutest bear cub in the land in this soft costume! Whether you hold onto your babe all night or pass them around the room, everyone will be reluctant to let go of such a cute and sweet baby. So head to that costume party! Take the older kids trick or treating! Your babe will fit right in. 

Brand: Princess Paradise

Gender: Unisex

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Black & Brown

Material: Polyblend


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Infant Bear Costume

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