Huggable Hippo Infant Costume

Hippo, Hip, Hooray! In the wild, you definitely, DEFINITELY, do not want to get into the habit of hugging hippos. No, no, no. That would not be wise at all. Hippos, though loveable and cute-looking, are fierce beasts with powerful jaws that can open almost 180 degrees! Trust us, you don’t want to come within 50 feet of a hippo in the wild. But this little Infant Huggable Hippo Costume, however, is another story entirely! How could you NOT hug this little one? It’s an adorable outfit that any baby (and parent) will love. It’s the perfect blend of cute style and wild animal appeal”kind of like your kid! A fun, unique twist on classic costumes like black cats and pumpkins, this purple one-piece is a no-brainer for a first Halloween that’s as memorable and photographic as it is cuddly and cozy. 

Product Details
This sweet hippo costume comes as one easy-to-wear piece that’s just perfect for keeping off a late October chill. It’s a velvety purple jumpsuit with a pink, floral satin tummy patch. There is an added snap inside the legs for easy diaper changes, and the too-cute hood fastens under the chin and holds the hippo’s plush snout, eyes, ears, and teeth! Hungry, Hungry HippoYour little one may always be hungry, but they are too young to appreciate all the spoils of their trick or treating trek. So…it’s OK with us if you help them to get through the stash. After all, they can’t eat a peanut butter cup, but if you eat one, you can certainly tell them all about it!   

Brand: Fun World

Gender: Unisex

Size: 0/6MO

Color: Pink & Purple

Material: Polyester


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Huggable Hippo Infant Costume

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