Hound Dog Toddler Costume

You Ain’t Nothin’ but a …..Excuse us, Mr. Elvis. Why is being a hound dog such a bad thing? Hound dogs are awesome! They get to play all day long. Unlike adults, who have to go to work and pay taxes and do other boring things, they can sniff one interesting smell for hours, or roll in it if they want. They get to chase cars (safely), play with other animals, and bury things in the backyard for the lawnmower to find later. They can also make a ton of noise at two a.m. for no reason. It’s the best!  

Product Details
No pup has ever looked more perfect than your little one will when wearing this exclusive Hound Dog Costume for Toddlers! The brown minky jumpsuit zips up the center front and its torso is sewn with an oval-shaped dark brown inset. A paw-shaped mitt is sewn to each sleeve cuff and can be flipped back to free the hands. They match the plush booties, which also have embroidered details. A long plush tail is attached to the jumpsuit’s seat. The costume’s hood features a fiber-filled muzzle, embroidered eyes, and plush ears. Every Dog Has It’s Day For a cutely costumed hound dog, that day is Halloween! It’s the perfect time to collect as much candy as you can possibly carry and eat as much of it as you can before the sugar rush kicks in. Best of all, unlike a real dog, you probably don’t have too many problems eating chocolate. A true hound would have to stick to dental bones, but you get as many caramels and sour gummies as your parent will let you have. 

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: Brown & White

Material: Polyester


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Hound Dog Toddler Costume

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