Hound Dog Infant Costume

Dog-Gone Adorable Be very careful with this costume. By choosing it for your child, you are being entrusted with a great power. Everyone knows that a baby is one of the top cutest things on earth. The other top cutest thing is a sweet little puppy. Separate, the two can practically move mountains with the power of adorableness alone. Put them together and who knows what they are capable of? 

Product Details
You’ll hear gasps of delight galore when you dress your child in this exclusive Hound Dog Costume for Infants! The unisex jumpsuit zips down the center front and is made of exquisitely soft brown minky polyester. Snaps along the inseam ensure easy diaper access. A long plush tail is sewn to the outfit’s seat, and the hands feature attached mitts with embroidered paw pads. The matching plush booties are also embroidered with paw print details. The hood is decorated with a soft-sculpted muzze as well as embroidered eyes and long, floppy ears made out of deep brown plush. Bark if You Love Dogs Family and friends will be hounding you with requests for photos with your little cutie this Halloween! A hound dog costume is just what you need, especially since your child may share many traits with a puppy beyond sheer cute appeal. They probably both love gumming chew toys (although not the same kind – gross), enjoy showing off their newest tricks like rolling over, and are easily motivated by treats. Use this outfit to complete an animal family theme, or let your baby steal the show all on his or her own!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Brown & White

Material: Polyester


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Hound Dog Infant Costume

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