Hotel Transylvania Kids Mavis Tights

WALKING IN VAMPIRE SHOESWe can all safely assume that managing a hotel is pretty tough work. Especially when your tenants are all monsters! With everyone looking completely different, it’s hard to stand out and make sure everyone knows that you’re in charge! That’s even truer when your kiddo wants to be Mavis and… let’s be honest, some of those monsters are tall, so your tyke might have a tough time really filling Mavis’ shoes. We’ve got a pretty good way for your kiddo to feel like they’re a bit taller than they might be, though, and a stylish way to do it, to boot!  

Design & Details
Climb up the ranks of young adult vampirehood with a pair of Mavis Tights. These are officially licensed from Hotel Transylvania and Made by Us, so you know that the quality is top-notch (and that no monsters were harmed in the making). These are black tights with red horizontal stripes, just like Mavis from the movies! GREAT MONSTER STYLEWhether your kiddo wants to dress up as Mavis Dracula or just wants to add a little monstrous flair to their everyday style, these black and red tights are a great way to feel energized and powerful! Plus, black goes with everything!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: One-Size

Color: Black & Red

Material: Polyester


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Hotel Transylvania Kids Mavis Tights