Horse Costume for Kids

Equine TimesYou know how there are people who like horses, and then there are horse people? Your child is well on the way to becoming a horse person”why not take that transformation to the next level? After all, you’ve paid for riding lessons, and the stable fees, and the gear, not to mention all those horse figurines, calendars, and posters. Help your child’s equine love reach new heights by making her a real horse person, quite literally! In this Kid’s Horse Costume, your kiddos get a new point of view: life as their favorite animal. They can practice their trot, gallop, canter, and jumps as they race around the backyard. Or they can simply sit in the sun, swishing their tail as they chew on a snack, taking in the view. Horses really are majestic animals”now your child can get to know them in a whole new way, all while solidifying their place as a little horse whisperer! They’ll be the envy of every kid in the neigh-borhood!

Design & Details
Made by Us to satisfy the wild and roaming spirit of your little one, this costume was carefully crafted in our design studio to bring out the horse person in any child. The one-piece jumpsuit is crafted from cuddly brown fabric, sure to keep your kid warm while trick-or-treating or traipsing through the fields! There are black “hooves” on the feet and hands, and a hood that pulls up to transform your child’s head into that of a regal brown horse. A black mane and tail add authentic detail to the outfit, as does your kid’s great knowledge of equine behavior! Horsin’ AroundIn this costume, you won’t be able to tell your kids to quit horsin’ around anymore, it’ll be in their nature! But you’ll love watching them gallop across the yard as the sun sets, living out their dream of becoming their very favorite animal. It’ll make dirty hoof prints on the floor worth it to watch them having this much fun!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: M

Color: Brown

Material: Polyester


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Horse Costume for Kids

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