Honey Pot Toddler Costume

Hundred Acres WorkIf we had to guess, wed feel safe assuming Halloween is your favorite. Not just because youre visiting our site, but because youre looking at this particular costume. Chances are, youve found yourself here because youre putting together a group costume to rival all others. Its a point of pride, and you will not let anyone make your costume coordinating skills look less than #1.So, lets get to it. Youve got your hyper-active tiger, a petite and charming pig, and a bear unlike any other. With costumes chosen for each role, the family is ready to go. Everyone, that is, except your toddler. They didnt want to be the pig, so that role went to the dog. Your toddler lost the competition for the tiger to their sibling because let’s face it, theyre even more energetic. And because youre in charge, you got to choose the lead character as your costume. Luckily, this Toddler Honey Pot Costume exists. And if theres one other thing we know for sure, your sweet toddler loves nothing more than being the object of your affections!

Design & Details
Get them dressed for Halloween in this Made By Us exclusive! Your little honey has never looked sweeter than they will dressed in the bubble-shaped tunic inspired by everyones favorite silly old bears favorite treat. The fiber-filled tunic is made with super-soft microfleece and patterned to look like a well-filled honey pot. Layer the cozy one-piece over your toddlers comfiest clothes to keep them warm while trick-or-treating. And polish the costume off with the bumblebee headband for a look thats as memorable as it is charming.Thoughtful CoordinationImpress the neighborhood with your family Halloween costume with this Honey Pot Costume for Toddlers! With you in your bear suit and your toddler in this sweet ensemble, everyone will know you spent time think, think, thinking about your familys look, down to the smallest detail.

Brand: FUN Wear

Gender: Unisex

Size: 18MO

Color: Yellow & Orange

Material: Polyester


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Honey Pot Toddler Costume

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