Holiday Angel Unisex Costume

Every Time A Bell Rings……an angel gets a pair of wings! We’ve all heard the saying, but we confess, we’re not really sure how that works. We mean, we get the part about a ringing bell being the cause of wings, but what are those poor angels doing up in the clouds without wings? How long does the average angel have to wait to get his or her wings? What do they do while they wait? Do they have to worry about falling off the clouds and back onto earth, since they have no wings to help them fly? Do they have to rely on other angels to carry them from cloud to cloud? That must get really awkward and annoying! Do the winged angels tease the un-winged angels? And which bell counts when it rings? Does a ringtone count? Or an alarm clock? Or a boxing ring bell? This saying has so many unanswered questions!
Product Details
Bring a little heavenly presence to your next costume party in this Unisex Holiday Angel Costume. The long sleeved pullover white robe is 100 percent polyester and features a sheer overlay that’s trimmed in glittery gold. The robe ties around your waist. The costume comes with a headband that has a white fluffy halo attached to it, along with beautiful white wings with gold accents. The wings have elastic bands to secure around the arms. They look totally authentic, but we do warn against trying to jump off the nearest roof and fly, since they’re not truly weight bearing.A Heavenly SightWhether you’re dressing up for a school play, a Nativity scene or just a fun costume party, this Unisex Holiday Angel Costume is the perfect costume! And just in case, try to ring as many bells as possible! You’ve got to help out your fellow angels, right?

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Unisex

Size: M

Color: Yellow & White

Material: Polyester

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Holiday Angel Unisex Costume

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