Hershey’s Hershey’s Bar Girls Costume

Trick or Treat as a Treat! Trick or treating has been around for centuries, and the classic Hershey’s chocolate bar has been around for over a century. Both continue to be extremely popular, and we don’t see Halloween or chocolate going away any time soon! Your child can dress up as a beloved classic this Halloween with this Girls Hershey’s Bar Costume. Get ready for jokes about being sweet, as this look is sure get plenty of approval from fellow tiny candy lovers!

Product Details
This Girls Hershey’s Bar Costume is all about the dress, which is 100% polyester. The brown and silver combo perfectly matches the iconic chocolate bar wrapper. It mimics a single shoulder dress by using a different, lighter brown fabric for the other shoulder. Metallic frills at the hem of the dress and across the main shoulder replicate the tin foil that encases Hershey’s mouthwatering chocolate. As a cute addition, the dress comes with a headband that features large white and brown bows, complete with sparkles and more “tinfoil” fabric. If Halloween is often a bit chilly in your area, this costume is perfect for layering. Add some brown or silver leggings and warm boots. Layer a long sleeve shirt underneath or wear brown cardigan or jacket to keep out the cold while still repping that favorite chocolate bar. Sweet, Sweet VictoryThis sweet dress and headband pairing is perfect for the little sugar monster in your life. Here’s the real question, though”does dressing up as a candy bar get you more of that candy? Maybe you should check their sugary haul to discover the truth. And hey, if there are a few extra Hershey’s bars, who will notice if they go missing? Don’t worry; your sweet tooth secret is safe with us. 

Brand: Morris Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: M

Color: Brown & Gray

Material: Polyester


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Hershey’s Hershey’s Bar Girls Costume

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