Hedgehog Bubble Costume for Infant/Toddler

Headhog Dreamin’Your little ones aren’t like other kids, are they? They are definitely trendsetters, rather than followers. While all those other toddlers are busy dressing up like bunnies, puppies, ponies, and unicorns, your unique child wants to go another route. They are mad about hedgehogs, and for good reason! These sweet, spiny critters are as unique as your child. And for a little tot, your kids know a lot about these creatures, and love to tell just about anyone who will listen. For instance, did you know the collective is an “array of hedgehogs?” You’re welcome! So, before you give in and get them the hedgehog they’ve been begging for, dress your little ones in this Hedgehog Bubble Costume and see how they like getting up close and personal with their preferred pet! Whatever happens, your child will be certain to stand out”it’s not every day you see a life-size hedgehog out and about”and that’s will make them truly happy!

Design & Details
This exclusive costume is as rare and special as your little tot! It’s Made by Us to tickle the fancy of a free-thinking, hedgehog-obsessed kiddo such as yours. It comprises a cuddly bubble jumpsuit with stuffing, for a puffed-out effect. Don’t worry, no spines to contend with, here! The hood keeps your kids cozy and instantly turns them into little hedgehogs with detailed faces and cute ears. Pair it over matching leggings and arm your child with more hedgehog knowledge, and they’ll be the talk of their class costume party! Rock and Roll! Your little ones will love to tuck and roll around in this fun look. And you’ll love watching them have the time of their lives as they live out their hedgehog dreams! Congrats on having such cute kids. They’re one of a kind!  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 12/18mo

Color: Brown & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Hedgehog Bubble Costume for Infant/Toddler

Catalog: FUN2980TD-12/18mo Categories , , , Tags , , , ,