Headless Human Kid’s Costume | Scary Halloween Costume

The Gruesome TruthListen, we all know that some kids like some gross stuff. You know… bugs, mud, creepy ghost stories that involve a headless character that frightens the living… that kind of thing! We’re not exactly sure why some kids favor those sorts of gross and creepy things, but we do know that those kids totally shine during Halloween. It’s why we make sure to keep this Kid’s Headless Human Costume around. This gruesome costume will satisfy any kid who revels in the scary and macabre! It comes with everything they need to send the rest of the kids on the block running in fear. If you have a child that absolutely loves gross and scary things, then this is the costume for them!

Product Details
This Headless Human Costume takes its inspiration from the classic tales of the Headless Horseman stories. It starts with a harness that fits with elastic bands under the arm. The harness has a neck and shoulders on top. Both are painted with red paint to simulate the look of blood. The simple black robe fits over the harness and creates the illusion that your child’s severed head is resting below the neck. Your child can wear their normal clothes underneath, making this a quick and easy costume to change into. Put it all together and this is the perfect costume for any child who wants to gross out friends and family alike. We recommend pairing it up with one of our toy knives (sold separately).

Brand: Forum Novelties, Inc

Gender: Male

Size: One-Size

Color: Black

Material: Polyester


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Headless Human Kid’s Costume | Scary Halloween Costume

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