Headless Horseman Kids Costume

Planning A HeadIt seems like your kiddo always has a head start when it comes to Halloween. Once July rolls around, they start planning their costume”the one for next year, of course. This year’s costume has already been in the works for months! Sometimes you wish this motivation would extend to other areas of their life, but when the reward for their work is candy collection and a fun celebration of spooky season, you can’t really blame them for prioritizing Halloween.Your child loves to wear scary outfits for Halloween, and you’re not surprised at what they’ve chosen this time around. For quite a while, your kiddo has been looking for a convincing Headless Horseman costume. When you bring this one home for them, they’ll be able to scare everyone with ease. Just be sure that if they pop out from some dark corner unexpectedly, you don’t lose your head, too!

Design & Details
Our designers created this Headless Horseman Costume for Kids to help your child get ahead of the game on Halloween! The ensemble starts with a rather convincing vinyl neck stump that sits on top of your kiddo’s head. The vest and jacket connect to the top of the costume to hide your kiddo’s head, while the semi-sheer cravat at the jacket neck allows for limited vision. (We don’t recommend actually riding any evil horses while wearing this costume! )

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Male

Size: L

Color: Black & Red & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Headless Horseman Kids Costume

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