Hatching Duck Toddler Costume

Amazing!  Have you ever looked at your little one and just marveled at the miracle of life? How did it happen, anyway? One minute she was a squealing, red-faced baby (the cutest red-faced baby ever, by the way) who couldn’t even hold her head up and needed your help with everything, and then suddenly she was running everywhere and trying to make her own lunch (peanut butter on string cheese, anyone?) We wonder if duck parents feel the same way. They lay an egg and then the egg cracks and out comes a fluffly little bundle that stumbles over its own feet and gets into everything. Actually, except for the egg part, that applies to your kid too. 

Product Details
Your kid will quack up when he or she gets to wear this sweetly silly Hatching Duck Costume for Toddlers! The exclusive outfit includes a one-piece jumpsuit made of super-soft one hundred percent polyester microfiber fleece. The torso, wing-shaped sleeves, and attached hood are soft yellow, while the legs are orange to resemble duck legs. Attached shoe covers are shaped like duck flippers and can be secured under the feet via their sewn-in elastic bands. The hood is decorated with a soft-sculpted duck bill as well as big embroidered eyes. A white foam-backed shell-shaped accessory fits over the jumpsuit like a pair of briefs, and the matching foam-backed shell-shaped headpiece can be fitted over the hood’s crest. Quack Quack!  Make way for the duckling! It’s all ready to see what this trick-or-treating business is about. Maybe nice neighbors will be handing out mealworms! Actually, chocolate bars are fine.  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 2T

Color: White & Orange & Yellow

Material: Polyester


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Hatching Duck Toddler Costume

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