Harry Potter Classic Hufflepuff Kids Robe Costume

Brave and True, Just and Loyal”Flashier” never equals “better” when it comes to what’s really important. Sure, the other Hogwarts Houses have some serious claims to fame – such as Gryffindor’s Boy Who Lived, (who turned out to be a pretty big deal, if you remember). The Ravenclaw members are always the resident smarty-pants, performing admirably in tricky Potions classes and remembering all those wizarding dates in history pop quizzes. And as for Slytherins, they’re either rivalling everyone for house points or up to something devious. All of these traits are great (except for deviousness – looking at you, Malfoy), but they shouldn’t shine down the Hogwarts House that everyone turns to when they need a brave, determined and hardworking hero. 
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Show your House spirit when you wear your officially licensed Harry Potter Classic Hufflepuff Robe Costume for Kids! The outfit consists of a one hundred percent polyester robe in the traditional Hufflepuff colors signifying their element of Earth. A yellow printed patch on the left side of the chest displays the Hufflepuff crest with its rampant badger and additional symbolism. Hook & loop fastener at the front neckline keeps your robe in place while you are running late for class (avoid Professor McGonagall). The robe’s hood is lined with yellow satin for extra flair. Helga Hufflepuff would be so proud! Your Invitation Has Arrived! Finally, your message via owl is here! You always knew that you weren’t really a Muggle. Pack your bags for Hogwarts, and whatever you do, don’t forget your robe! 

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Unisex


Color: Black & Yellow

Material: Polyester

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Harry Potter Classic Hufflepuff Kids Robe Costume

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