Harry Potter Boy’s Deluxe Harry Costume

“Yer a Wizard, Harry!”Every kid dreams of hearing those magical words. Well, kids who aren’t named Harry might be confused by someone calling them Harry, but you get the drift! But most kids want to be whisked away to a school that skips over the boring subjects, like math and English, and heads right to the good stuff. You know, like transfiguration and charms. Normally, you have to wait around for the Hogwarts acceptance letter in the mail, but we think you can get your child ready for the wizard life right now.You can start tutoring your child in the magic arts! Just dress them up in this Deluxe Harry Potter Costume for kids, and they’ll be ready to start their very first lesson.
Product Details
This kid’s deluxe costume is an officially licensed outfit from the Harry Potter movies. It recreates the look of the Hogwarts uniform, so your child will feel like a real wizard-in-training. The costume comes with a black robe that has a satin maroon interior to give it that iconic Gryffindor House style. The front of the robe has the Gryffindor patch on the chest, so your little one will look like a first-year student! The costume also comes with a jumpsuit that fits underneath the robe. The top of the jumpsuit has Harry’s vest and shirt printed onto it, while the pants portion looks like a pair of dress slacks. Once your child has it on, he’ll look up to Hogwarts dress-code! (Note: wand and glasses are sold separately.)The Full Hogwarts ExperienceIf your child has been dreaming about receiving that acceptance letter to Hogwarts, then it’s time for this officially licensed costume! Be sure to check out our Harry Potter accessories to give your child the full Hogwarts experience!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Boys

Size: 14/16

Color: Black & Red

Material: Polyester

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Harry Potter Boy’s Deluxe Harry Costume

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