Harlequin Kid’s Tights

Half a HeartIt can be much easier to pick things when they are really two things wrapped into one. For example, office-wide polls show that our favorite sandwich here at Halloweencostumes.com is the famed half PB&J and half Reuben on rye bread. Mmmm. And while that may seem wrong to you, it seems so right to us! Thats where these Childrens Harlequin Tights come in. Kids are notoriously picky about many things, including whether to have checkered tights or heart-covered tights. Well, fret no longer parents! While you worried about what to do in this situation, we ate our sandwiches and got to work. Now when you present these tights to your child, along with some cowboy boot-sneakers and a princess-bowler hat, they will be happy to get two things they love instead of one! Your Checker HalfWe are happy that your child will be happy. Its not really surprising, since we have combined two of the coolest things here. Our other office poll was split 50/50 on which side was better, so we know we did a great job designing them! Even though most aspects of these tights are split, they are 100 percent comfortable nylon, which makes them quite sleek as well. We know your child will love these, and so will you!

Brand: Leg Avenue

Gender: Female

Size: XL

Color: Black & Red & White

Material: Nylon


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Harlequin Kid’s Tights