Happy Harvest Scarecrow Infant Costume

Crow Caller?Once upon a time, a farmer walked out to his fields and planted a scarecrow right in the center. It was smaller than the average scarecrow and a less frightening than most, but the farmer was confident it would do the trick. Until, of course, flocks of birds streamed into the fields instead. That little scarecrow with its unintimidating face had the exact opposite effect the farmer needed. However, when the farmer went out to scatter the birds day after day and was considering replacing the scarecrow with something larger and scarier, he noticed piles of treats left at the scarecrow’s feet!The moral of the story, you don’t always get what you want. But you tend to get what you need, and right around Halloween a sweet surprise is always nice! Harness the farmer’s good fortune and share it with your sweetie for her first trick-or-treating trip with this Happy Harvest Scarecrow Costume for Infants.
Product Details
Whether or not being an adorable scarecrow would actually make birds deliver treats instead of damaging plants, this charming costume will have your toddler ready for a memorable Halloween experience! The jumpsuit has printed and sewn-on details to give it the appearance of a patchwork shirt and rustic overalls. Getting your toddler ready is made easy as well with the simple hook and loop fastener strips in the back of the jumpsuit. And the foam scarecrow hat makes this costume picture perfect for all the candid photos you’re sure to take!Scary CuteYour child probably won’t do a great job keeping the crows out of your garden, but with this Happy Harvest Scarecrow Costume, your toddler is sure to enjoy a sweet Halloween! So, whether you’re going trick-or-treating or just planning a scary cute photoshoot, your tot will be ready in this attention-catching costume!

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Unisex

Size: 12/18mo

Color: Brown & Orange & Beige

Material: Polyester

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Happy Harvest Scarecrow Infant Costume

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