Halo Infinite Master Chief Prestige Costume for Kids

Nostalgia MachineDo you remember the first time you fired up a game of online multiplayer Team Slayer? What a rush: Ghosts flying around, power weapons galore, frenetic action all over pumping adrenaline through your controller and into your veins. While others were wondering what it could possibly take to achieve rank 50, we were wondering how all that tech worked. And it’s not just the bubble shields: it’s also chatting with hologram Cortana galaxies away from one another, the compact lethality of an energy sword, those pesky pink honing needles. Sure, we know that we’re talking about a world some five hundred years in the future. There is bound to be a ton of new inventions that redefine what is possible! Until we figure out the secrets of faster-than-light space travel, though, much of this will probably remain fiction to us.

Design & Details
We’re gonna need some help imagining our way into the future, so we’re hoping your kiddo will climb into this officially licensed Halo Infinite Master Chief Prestige Kid’s Costume. This jumpsuit might not include virtual reality connectivity or have any hologram communication functionality, but it is detailed to look just like the galactic hero we’ve all come to love! All he’ll need next are some Halo weapons to help us defeat the Covenant and Flood and restore peace in space. Since the costume is officially licensed, your little one can worry less about looking like a legit Spartan and worry more about which missions to embark on after you suit up!

Brand: Disguise

Gender: Male

Size: 12-Oct

Color: Yellow & Gray & Green

Material: Plastic


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Halo Infinite Master Chief Prestige Costume for Kids

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