Green Fairy Toddler Costume

Garden-Variety MagicYou’ve seen people perform card tricks. You’ve watched stage magicians make their assistants disappear. But all that stuff looks like simple, garden-variety magic compared to what your kiddo can do with their imagination. When they pretend to be a nature-loving fairy, you can almost see the flowers they “conjure” appearing before your eyes. And although you never quite catch their feet leaving the ground, you could almost swear they were flying around the room.Your kiddo does indeed wield “garden-variety magic,” but only in the sense that they love green, growing things as much as other children love puppies. So, if they need an outfit to help them cast their enchantments, it only makes sense to get them a fairy costume in the same color as their thumb!

Design & Details
Your child will be ready to work their magic in no time when they put on our Toddler Green Fairy Costume! The detailed dress features glittery flowers on the bodice and an attached ribbon sash. Layers of mesh over a solid green fabric make up the skirt. Glittery mesh wings attach to the back of the dress with hook and loop fastener. Add some headgear, a wand, and some shoes, and your toddler will be even more enchanting than usual!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 12/18mo

Color: Yellow & Green

Material: Polyester


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Green Fairy Toddler Costume

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