Green Crayola Kid’s Crayon Costume

Endless PossibilitiesWhen your kid sits down to color, do they pick up green first? Do lush trees, grassy fields, and endless hedge rows blossom on the page? Are dinosaurs, lizards, and anthropomorphic broccolis the stars of every action-packed crayon comic? Have you had discussions about everything that green can be until you’re both green with envy over a color? Then this exclusive Kid’s Green Crayola Crayon Costume is a must-have!

Design & Details
Let green be one more spectacular thing when you order this Made By Us costume tunic for your kiddo’s costume wardrobe! The officially licensed one-piece look is made from lightweight, foam-backed materials that ensure it keeps a classic crayon shape.A two-toned coloring and black printed Crayola wrapper graphics ensure the costume looks just like its inspiration. Meanwhile, openings at the shoulders and in the point of the crayon-shaped tunic leave vision and arms unrestricted, and a spacious tunic body means there’s plenty of space for additional layers of clothing.Green EnvyFight the jealousy green can inspire by letting your kiddo become the enviable color in this Kid’s Green Crayola Crayon Costume! The easy-to-wear costume tunic is designed to look identical to a Crayola crayon and offers plenty of thoughtful features that ensure comfort while masquerading on Halloween!

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Green & Black

Material: Polyester


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Green Crayola Kid’s Crayon Costume

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