Green Caterpillar Kid’s Costume

The MetamorphosisWhat does the future hold for your little one? It’s fun to imagine, isn’t it? Will they grow up to be a famous musician, with millions of adoring fans? Will they grow up to be a skilled scientist that makes breakthrough discoveries essential to humankind? Perhaps they’ll become a prolific writer and win a Nobel Prize in literature! Well, no one truly knows for sure, but one thing is certain. When your child finally does decide to spread their wings like a butterfly, it’ll be a momentous occasion. In fact, right now… they’re sort of like a caterpillar, growing and learning so they can become something completely awesome when they grow up! Well, this Green Caterpillar Costume for kids is a cute hint at the future to come! It’s a comfy costume designed by our expert costume designers and it’s perfect for any future butterflies.

Design & Details
This Made by Us costume helps transform your child into an adorable little caterpillar! The costume begins with a bright green bodysuit made out of a ultra-soft material that will help keep your child cozy. The bodysuit also has plush legs attached to the front to help your little one look like a wiggly caterpillar. It also comes with a matching green headpiece that fits with a strap under the chin. The top of the headpiece has soft-sculpted features and adorable details, including big round eyes on the side and mandible on the front. Put them both together and you’ll have a look that’s perfect for your growing little butterfly to be! A Bright FutureIf your child has a bright future, then they’re just like a little caterpillar and they may just feel at home in this cute caterpillar costume! It’s one of our many great comfy costumes for kids.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Green

Material: Polyester


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Green Caterpillar Kid’s Costume

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