Green and White Striped Kids Tights

Tantalizing TightsThat’s it, we’ve had it. What is it with retail clothing stores, hm? We go in there looking for something fun and colorful, and all they have is the blandest, most boring clothes you’ll ever see. Take their tights section for instance. What do they have to offer? White, black, and nude. That’s it.  Yeah, alright, so the colors are neutral and all, but would it kill them to add a little variety now and then? Where are the lush purples and soothing blues? Where are our pretty pinks and rambunctious reds? Give us stripes and polka dots! We simply couldn’t stand these blase options any longer. And then we realized: if we get bored of the same three color choices, just imagine how much kids hate them. That’s why we’re offering these Kids Green and White Striped Tights. These fabulous tights have color and character. These particular tights are a nylon/polyester blend. The colored stripes are knitted-in, so the color is permanent. Now just imagine what fun outfits could be assembled with these. Elves? Witches? Fairies and monsters? There are so many possibilities with simply a pop of color and pattern. Now could someone please pass the memo on to the other stores…

Brand: Leg Avenue

Gender: Unisex

Size: M

Color: Green & White

Material: Nylon


Price are correct at time of publishing and are subject to change. 

Green and White Striped Kids Tights