Graceful Flamingo Costume for Kids

Let’s Go FlamingoWho on Earth decided that flamingos should be the de-facto lawn ornament? When did it happen? It seemed like we woke up one day and, bam, at least one gaudy flamingo ornament in each neighborhood. All over the United States, between the hostas and the birdbath: a flamingo. And dont get us wrong: flamingos are gorgeous, majestic animals deserving of their due praise. But thats just it: why enshrine them in ornament form? We doubt, for instance, the gnome was thrilled with its perpetual spot in Americas gardens. We cant know for sure, but wed venture to guess they were low-key miserable. The flamingo deserves better than that! To that end, were willing to embrace the flamingo for our own purposes. For your purposes.

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Enter our exclusive Kids Graceful Flamingo Costume. This right here is how we can do our part to evangelize the Great Pink Bird in a way that does it justice. Including the body, hood, and pants with attached shoe covers, the whole thing is part of our Made By Us collection, so you can rest assured it was crafted with the utmost care by our in-house designers. We cant think of a better way to sport your favorite bird.A Lawn LegendIt doesnt even matter what you do with it! Stand in your front lawn on one foot at sunrise. Wear this on costume day at school. Or wear it on your next trip to the grocery store. If you’re really feeling daring, go to the zoo and jump in the flamingo cage to mingle with your brethren. You have to get the ol OK from the parents for that one, though. But all of the above will spread the good word about the best bird. Congratulations, youre a flamingo now.

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: L

Color: Pink

Material: Pleather


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Graceful Flamingo Costume for Kids

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