Gothic Red Wedding Dress Costume for Young Girls

A GHASTLY FUN WEDDINGThe bells are ringing… but they aren’t the bright and chipper ones at the church.  They’re the slow and melodic ones, resonating deeply throughout the graveyard.  Who could have ever expected to be invited to a ghostly wedding! ?  What sorts of other guests would be arriving?  Would they be there on skeletal horses or just appearing out of the thin mists of the All Hallowed evening?  Who would officiate! ?  A witch?  Kindly old skeletal priest?  So, your kid might have quite the imagination when they decide to start planning their perfect wedding.  Even toddlers know what they’re going to be interested in.  More than likely, the opinion will change just a little bit over the years as they consider some of their more mature options.  But, we think that a ghostly and spooky wedding is great for anyone of any age!   So, with that in mind, we have gotten busy with the Ouija Board to learn the deathly decor!  

Design & Details
Our supernaturally gifted designers have been in touch with the spirits of the beyond and have fashioned this exclusive Gothic Red Wedding Dress for Toddlers.  This satin and interlock knit bodice and skirt are a lovely red that is just as creative and unusual a choice for a wedding dress as your little one’s bright imagination.  The skirt features three tiers of lace edged with a satin accent.  The matching veil is made of layers of tulle and lace and wears easily with a satin-covered headband.  If the flat look isn’t right, a plastic hoop threads through the hem of the skirt for a truly gothic look.  It is showtime, folks, and your little one is going to love it!  THE WEDDING OF YOUR NIGHTMARESAdmittedly, a ghostly wedding in a graveyard probably isn’t the first idea that strikes you as the dream ceremony of your kiddo.  But, you have to admit that it would be really unique!   Whether the idea is going to stick around or be cleansed from the mind through the play of it, this Gothic Red Wedding Dress for Toddlers is the perfect way to play out a nightmarish evening of fun!   

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: 2T

Color: Red

Material: Polyester


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Gothic Red Wedding Dress Costume for Young Girls

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