Gothic Red Wedding Dress Costume for Girls

A REAL GHOST BRIDEThe realm of the afterlife always seems to be a place of torment and terror, but that doesn’t have to be true.  There are plenty of stories of ghosts that rather enjoy the realm of the beyond.  From Day of the Dead to plenty of what some amazing directors have shown us in films, those spirits know just how to keep things entertaining and surprising whether they are members of the recently deceased or long-time, established specters!  We imagine that the most festive of all undead celebrations would be the union of two souls in matrimony.  Since it is already a pretty big spiritual spectacle for those of us who still require bodies, it must be amazing for them!   Of course, the only way that we could know would be to get a psychic and peer through a crystal ball to see what is going on in the place on the other side.  So… that’s what we did!  

Design & Details
After getting the lowdown from the ghosts with the most, our already high-spirited designers were wailing with ideas and came up with this exclusive Gothic Red Wedding Dress for Kids!   This satin dress is bright red and features both bodice and skirt.  The skirt itself has three layers of lace, each edged with a ribbon of satin for that shiny accent.  Go for the extra gothic look by feeding an included plastic hoop through the hem of the skirt!   The veil is multiple layers of tulle and lace attached to a comfy satin-covered headband.  All you’ll need next is a ghastly groom!  A DIFFERENT KIND OF RED WEDDINGThere might have been a few other tales of where weddings can go awry out there, but this one is sure to be a delight when your kiddo shows up in this Gothic Red Wedding Dress.  Every event should be unique, and you can be sure that no one else is going to appear in this.  And, if they do, tell them that we want our crystal ball back!   

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Female

Size: L

Color: Red

Material: Polyester


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Gothic Red Wedding Dress Costume for Girls

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