Goldfish Bunting Infant Costume

Seems FishyWhat happened? Just a minute ago, you were swimming peacefully around in your own private hangout and then suddenly you got switched to a much brighter, much noiser aquarium. All of the other fish look pretty weird with their unnaturally long fins. They must be embarrassed about how strange they seem, because they keep hiding their faces behind their flippers and then saying “Peek-a-boo! ” It’ll take some time to adapt to these odd customs, but you’re up to the challenge. 

Product Details
Your little one will be the cutest fish out of water ever when wearing this exclusive Goldfish Bunting Costume for Infants! The bunting zips up the front and is made of golden orange polyester faux fur that has been sculpted to look like fish scales. The bottom of the bunting is sewn with a metallic knit fish tail and the long sleeves also have gold knit fins. The attached hood is decorated with a dorsal fin, side fins, appliqued eyes, and a soft-sculpted, peach-colored band around the facial opening that resembles a fish’s mouth. Keep SwimmingHave you ever watched your child and just marveled at how wriggly they are? You can try putting them in this bunting and hope that it minimizes their ability to crawl away, but we wouldn’t bet on it. You’ll be laughing so much at how cute they look in their costume that you might not even mind, though! Use it to complete a family fish or water costume theme, or show them off as the catch of the day.  

Brand: FUN Costumes

Gender: Unisex

Size: 0/3mo

Color: Black & Orange

Material: Polyester


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Goldfish Bunting Infant Costume

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