Goat Costume for Toddlers

All Trolls Beware!  Who’s that trip-trapping over the bridge? It’s Baby Goat, the toughest, scrappiest goat in the meadow! Don’t be fooled by her sweet appearance and her love for eating the freshest buttercups and most fragrant rose stems. She’s got a will of iron, as anyone who tries to make her go to bed before she’s tired knows all too well. Just let that mean old troll who lives under the bridge try any funny business. She’ll put him in his place before he knows what hit him!  

Product Details
 If your little one is stubborn yet sweet, this Goat Toddler Costume will suit her down to the ground! The off-white dress has a knee-length skirt with a fluffy sheer outer layer that’s perfect for twirling and prancing around. The bodice has a center inset of curly fleece. The attached fleecy shrug will make her even more warm and toasty than a sheep in a barn. The headband is sewn with two golden stuffed horns that curl adorably between two fuzzy goat ears. The fabric roses complete the cuteness!  The Grimm Brothers Approve This goat costume is so adorable, it looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale. After all, not every heroine wears a crown, loses a shoe at a ball, or gets pricked by a spindle. The best leading ladies are the ones who take charge of their fates and send trolls and other bullies packing. Forget tin cans and garbage – this little goat wants trick or treat candy!  

Brand: The Wholesale Group

Gender: Female

Size: 3T

Color: Orange & White

Material: Polyester


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Goat Costume for Toddlers

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