Glow in the Dark Kid’s Grim Reaper Costume

Grim ProcessionBringing your mighty scythe across, you separate yet another soul from its mortal coil and send it screaming into realms of death. Sighing heavily, you proceed to the next target, wondering what you are doing with your unlife. This job is neither satisfying nor fulfilling. You need a change.After trying out being a barista, pilot, and dance instructor, you finally find the best job in the universe for the Grim Reaper! It turns out that all your skills, interests, and desires are a perfect match for being a lawyer! Who knew!
Product Details
Making sure you are dressed right for any occasion is very important, which is why we recommend setting yourself up right with this Kid’s Glow in the Dark Grim Reaper Costume. The included pullover robe has all the grim details that will make you look like a harbinger of death. The tatters that hang around the costume make you look like you have torn free of the veil between life and death. The hood gives you that ever-so-important air of secrecy and mystery that makes the Grim Reaper so spooky. The plastic chain can be wrapped around your body in whatever scary way looks best to you. The molded vinyl gloves and mask are the final pieces that will make your costume stand out among the rest of the harvesters of souls!Last LaughIf you are searching for the perfect way to look classic and magnificent, then you are in the right place. You will feel like a winner in this cool and comfortable costume. Just make sure you always have a great joke or one-liner prepared so you can always get the last laugh!

Brand: California Costume Collection

Gender: Unisex

Size: M

Color: Black & Yellow & Gray

Material: Polyester

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Glow in the Dark Kid’s Grim Reaper Costume